How do I measure my yard?

Measuring a yard might seem daunting, but it's very simple. Measure the length and width of your yard and multiply the 2 numbers you get. That will be the square feet you need.

I don't know if I measured my yard correctly.

If you are unsure about your measurements place an order and click the “verify measurements” button. We will then gladly send out a representative to help you measure.

There is cheaper turf out there

Although you may find “inexpensive turf”, chances are it will lack in quality and what you “saved” can quickly become a wasted investment if the grass fades or becomes weak and brittle.

How do I know your turf will last?

We are so sure our turf will last we warranty it. For 20 years. Trust us, no fading, no breitling, no issues.

Is turf safe for my family?

Not all turf is created equal, some turf companies take shortcuts or use cheap and harmful chemicals that can hurt your family. We make sure that our turf is perfectly safe for your whole family, from toddlers, and even your pets!

Will it get hot?

All turf will get warm, some more than others. But we guarantee you can still walk and enjoy it on the hottest summer days.

Can my pets pee/poo on it?

They certainly can! We sell a patented infill that inhibits smell and bacteria but if you don't want to purchase it just be sure to rinse the area periodically.

How long will the turf Really last?

We guarantee our turf will last 20 years, but on average our turf has a lifespan of 40-50 years.

Do you Deliver?

Of course we do! Give us a call for all the details.

Can I put it over cement/ porch/ balcony?

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Our grass can be nailed or glued down onto ANY surface you want. (we tried)

Do you custom cut?

We can cut the turf at any length you may need it, however we can not cut it at the Width.

How wide are the rolls?

All our rolls are 15 feet wide.

Do you install?

We created Fgg with the goal to help homeowners and contractors alike, so we will link you to a contractor near you that we have pre-approved and who we believe will do an amazing job.