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We are the sole supplier of the TURF-N Organization

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Why choose FGG?

Safest, Best Looking
Unlike other turf, our turf is lead free, and we only use high quality polyethylene, 100% safe for your kids, pets, and you.

Longest Lasting
How do you know you’re choosing the right company? Easy! We offer one of the longest warranties in the industry, 20 years.

We deliver
Can’t pick it up? No problem, we can deliver it to your door steps!

We are here for you! We will guide you through every step with Video tutorials, and an easy to follow step-by-step handbook.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

  • Having to pay too much for quality Turf is frustrating
  • And being scammed into buying "inexpensive turf" that fades & brakes down is nervewrecking
  • With FGG you dont have to worry of either
  • We give you great quality turf at a fair price.
  • Imagine the pride you will feel as you show off your lawn to every one! The happiness of not having to lift a finger to keep it green, & the guarantee it will stay like that for years to come.
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There is cheaper turf out there

Although you may find “inexpensive turf”, chances are it will lack in quality and what you “saved” can quickly become a wasted investment if the grass fades or becomes weak and brittle.

Do you install?

We created Fgg with the goal to help homeowners and contractors alike, so we will link you to a contractor near you we have pre-approved and who we believe will do an amazing job.

Will it get hot?

All turf will get warm, some more than others. But we guarantee you can still walk and enjoy it on the hottest summer days.

How long will the turf really last?

We guarantee our turf will last 20 years, but on average our turf has a lifespan of 40-50 years.